Coming up this weekend 29-30 June 2019

Well, we’ve almost made it to the end of our mammoth journey through the Old Testament book of Judges, but not without one more display of just what life is like when people walk away from the true and living God. This weekend we’ll see two, dramatic examples of idolatry and immorality, and it’s pretty full-on, to be honest.

But God has given us this bit of the Bible to help us know him and ourselves a whole lot more, so we’re going to bite down on the mouthguard, buckle up our seatbelts, and hold on! I’ll be preaching on the final five chapters of Judges.

As a follow-up to last week’s talk on Samson (and Delilah), we have a bunch of questions. I’ll be answering these on Saturday and Sunday:

1 What does the name ‘Samson’ mean?
2 Since Samson was bad, why didn’t God leave his side?
3 Was Samson literally ‘sick to death’ of his wife’s nagging?
4 How did Samson not realise that the Lord left him as soon as his hair was cut?
5 As Samson’s hair regrew, was his relationship with God also being restored?
6 Since the Lord is outside of time does that give insights into the ‘intermediate state’?
7 Since Christians are immediately with Christ after death then are non-Christians immediately in Hell, and will they be re-judged on the final day?
8 Why are there so many cases of mental illness and suicide if God truly loves us?

So, come along and be part of the action this weekend at 5pm on Saturday, which is ideal for all ages (featuring a creche and two kids’ programs), followed by a hearty dinner, then our youth group program. Or come along at 9am on Sunday morning for a more ‘classic’ Anglican-style service, followed by delicious espresso coffee.

If you’ve not come before or for a long time, then this will be a good weekend to join us. And if you’re a regular, why not bring along a friend to check out our great, little church in Jamberoo!

Grace and peace, Jodie.