Acts: Launching the Church 13: Paul in Athens – Acts 17:16-34 – 9 and 10 November 2019

How religious is Australia?

Most Aussies don’t think that ________ matters.

Paul is deeply ________ at their idolatry.

Idolatry should stir you up for _______.

The marketplace is anywhere people ______.

Paul tailored his message to his ________.

The pursuit of ________ is the dominant Aussie religion.

The ______ mentality is also an Aussie attitude.

The ancient philosophers couldn’t ____ God.

The ____________ changes everything.

We have a fascination with ___ ideas.

Paul works within their religious _________.

God ___________ everything.

God doesn’t ____ anything from us.

God made all people so we would ____ him.

Even atheists can discover things about ________.

All people must ______ and follow God.

Judgement day is coming ____.

Jesus’ resurrection makes sense of __________.

Aussies would be better off with _____.