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1. If Revelation 20 ends with the final judgement then why does it still talk about unbelievers in 21:8 after that event? 2. Why does the angel show John a…


July 5, 2020
This week we will hear from Jodie about having true Joy in Jesus as we look at chapter 16 in the book of John.
This week we hear Graham Errington speak to us from the book of Luke about our faith being More Than Skin Deep.
1 Why are the people in Revelation 20:13 judged according to their deeds and not their faith? 2 Will the new Jerusalem of Revelation 21 be part of the new…
This week we will hear from Graham Errington about the Rich Man and Lazarus.
1 Who is the beast and false prophet in Revelation 20:7-10? 2 If the devil is bound up now then why does he seem to be so active? 3 What…
This week Jodie leads us from chapters 21-22 of Revelation in the last sermon of our series, 'The End of the World: Revelation Revealed'.
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