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This week we continue our Revelation series as Jodie leads us from chapters 2 & 3 and the 'revealing confusion'.

Jesus Is Alive!

April 11, 2020
This weekend we will be looking at John chapter 20 about how ‘Jesus is Alive‘. A great message about Jesus’ resurrection for the Easter weekend.
Over the Easter weekend we continue our Jesus Is___ series, as Jodie leads us on Good Friday from Matthew chapter 27 on the topic 'Jesus is Our Innocence'.
How do you know that there is no sickness or sadness in Heaven? When will God stop the virus? What should we do when we are feeling scared about the…

Jesus is True

April 5, 2020
We continue our Jesus Is___ series as Jodie speaks to us on the topic 'Jesus is True' from John 14:1-10. This is a great message to help us remember the reliability…
This week Jodie talks to us from John chapter 15 about how 'Jesus is Our Connection'.
This week we continue our 'Jesus Is___' series as Jodie speaks to us on the topic, 'Jesus is the Light'.