Enough to make Jesus cry

Jerusalem (CREDIT: Cycling man via Flickr)

Jerusalem (CREDIT: Cycling man via Flickr)

It’s remarkable to think that the person who created the entire universe would weep in anguish at the state of his people.

Yet, this is exactly what we saw of Jesus as he entered Jerusalem, as recorded in Luke chapter 19.

Of all the people who should have embraced Jesus as Lord, they instead chose to reject him and kill him.

And as Jesus reflected on this, it led him to weep tears of sadness.

As he cried for Jerusalem, Jesus also spoke of the coming judgement that the city, and in turn, the people would face.

When Jesus finally returns to judge the living and the dead, it will be a time when we will see more weeping as many people’s rejection of Jesus is exposed and punished.

Whilst Christians should long for the day when the universe will acknowledge him as true Lord, we should also long that more people might confess their sins and follow Jesus before that day.

This is one of the reasons we are eager to share the good news of Jesus to our community.

And, it’s why we’re focusing on a whole week of intense mission to our region from the 14th to 22nd May this year, in partnership with two dozen Moore Theological College students.

We pray that as the message of Jesus rings out in the region that people would come to him and accept him as Lord and Saviour.

Please pray with us, and get ready to see God do powerful things as his word goes out to the people of Oak Flats and Jamberoo!