Faster, higher, stronger?

7721180-3x2-700x467As we reach the midpoint of the 2016 Summer Olympics we’re reminded again of the wonder of the human body.

Each day we hear about the smashing of world records, as we witness men and women go faster, higher and stronger.

It is right to be amazed at the way that God has made us, but we must be careful not to worship creation rather than the creator.

For, we read in the Bible that this can become the end point in a downwards spiral away from true worship of God.

Even though God has made it very clear that he is worthy of all praise, people have chosen to neither glorify him nor to give him thanks. (Romans 1:21)

And this has naturally led to people to worship created objects, which ultimately means they have exchanged the truth of God for a lie. (Romans 1:25)

This sounds a little intense, but the temptation to worship created things rather than the creation is something that is part of human nature, and even the pleasure of the Olympics can result in idolatry if we are not careful and wise.

So, enjoy cheering on the green and gold… but as you see humans break through the limits of speed, height and strength, be sure to give God the glory!