A benefit of less reported religion

Australia Day Crowd

It was no surprise to read that this week’s Census 2016 results showed a drop in the number of people claiming to be religious in Australia.

Notably, we read that only half our population (52.1%) say they are Christian, which is a drop from 61% in 2011, and 88% in 1966 (read more about this in Eternity News).

Given the low attendance at churches on weekends, and even ‘holy’ days like Christmas and Easter, it seems there are many people who identify as a follower of Jesus, but don’t really act like they mean it.

So, we need to get people to own up to what they say they believe, and to help them know what it really means to be a follower of Jesus.

Maybe you might ask your friend, colleague or family member to share what they think about this drop in religious interest in Australia.

You could ask them whether it seems to match what they believe about religion.

And then, best of all, you might get them to tell you what they think about Jesus.

And if someone is a little vague about Jesus, then why don’t you ask them, “would you like to read the Bible with me?”

And if they say “yes” then just grab a Bible, open it to Mark’s gospel, and read a few verses. If you want to read online right now, then read the Bible right here right now.

Start chatting about who Jesus is, and best of all, don’t feel you have to be the ‘expert.’

And then, as you and your friend come face to face with the ‘real’ Jesus, then it just may be that the Holy Spirit might lead them to have a real hope in the real Jesus.