Coming up this weekend 12th – 13th January 2019

This weekend we welcome Trevor Lucas who will be speaking on “You need to hear this” from Hebrews chapter 2. 

We will share the Lord’s Supper at 5pm Saturday, so be sure to join us for this important reminder of the death of Jesus. We will also have our popular weekly question and answer time, and Jodie will be answering these questions:

  1. Why do books of the Bible have only male names?
  2. What was the Old Testament named before the New Testament was written?
  3. How can we imitate our leader’s faith when the modern church is so much larger than the original house churches?

Our 8am Sunday service will be a Holy Communion First Order AAPB service.

If you’re wanting to check out our church we’d really love you to visit us on Saturday at 5pm for a contemporary service with kids’ program and dinner afterwards. Our youth group ‘Alive’ is taking a break for the holidays. Or come along on Sunday at 8am for a Prayer Book service.

See you at 5pm this Saturday or 8am this Sunday, God willing!