Coming up this weekend 19-20 October

This weekend we jump back into our series on Acts, ‘Launching the Church’, as I guide us through the story of Paul’s first missionary journey from Acts 13 and 14. It’s such a remarkable thing to see the Apostle Paul gearing up for gospel action as the word of Jesus goes to the ends of the world!

Term 4 of school for 2019 starts back this week, as does our regular question and answer segment. If you had any questions that arose from the sermons during the holidays, or about the Christian faith, please email them to during the week so we can put them on the list.

Here are some of the questions from the past few weeks that we’ll look at this weekend:

1 If Peter baptised the Samaritan believers ‘in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit’ would they still have needed John to baptise in the Holy Spirit?
2 Was Peter afraid of the angel when he was released from prison?
3 Are people ‘in heaven’ whilst they await Judgement Day, and if not, why do people say “people are looking down on you from heaven”?
4 Is Jesus in Paradise now, and if so, will we see him straight away when we die?
5 Is Paradise before judgement, or will we be with the Father and the Son before judgement?
6 Is Greta Thunberg’s motivation to show more care for God’s creation or to rebuke us for not properly controlling the climate?
7 How do you tell the difference between persecution and abuse from idiots?

Please join us at our 5pm Saturday evening service with kids program, followed by a great time together over a hearty dinner, then youth group. Or come along to our 9am Sunday morning service where we share morning tea afterwards and chat over some espresso. We would love to see you!

Grace and peace, Jodie