4: Glorious Judgement at the End Time Jodie McNeill – 22-23 February 2020

The laptop robbery.

When _______ is served, we celebrate.

Judgement Day is ___________.

Isaiah prophesied about the _________ of Christ.

The Lord will show his _____ when he returns.

God’s enemies will experience everlasting ____.

God already _____ who is guilty and innocent.

Believe in Jesus and you are ____.

Judgement Day is about _________ the judgement.

Everyone will see that God is _________.

Jesus will receive all the _____ when he returns.

All our actions will be ______.

Our sins will be revealed as ________ sins.

Use your _____ for his glory.

Those who reject Jesus will be punished _______.

We need to ____ people about Hell.

Jesus is coming ____!

Jesus’ patience gives people ____ to be saved.

We can’t pick the ______.

Be ______ for Heaven!

Live in the present like you’ll live in the ______.

God’s judgement is ________.