We are Orthodox

The first of our six church values states that, “we are orthodox in our doctrine, as we believe and teach God’s unchanging word in an ever-changing world.”

The word ‘orthodox’ reminds us of ‘orthodontist’, a person who makes crooked teeth straight… just like how our church seeks to have ‘straight’ teaching that’s aligned to God’s word.

We hear God’s word when the Bible is read and taught, and that’s why we devote time to listening and reading aloud his words from the Bible, as well as learning and growing from the sermon, the Q&A segment, and the teaching in our small groups.

We want to know God’s word well because we live in a world that has drifted away from listening to the loving creator and ruler of the universe.

So, we want to know and tell God’s great gospel word to everyone, so that all people can hear what God really thinks is the world’s problem, as well as knowing his ultimate solution through the death of Jesus in our place.

This will also mean that our beliefs will clash with views in our society, especially in areas of ‘ethics’, (like abortion and gender), as well as other ‘doctrines’, (like the literal resurrection of Jesus, and the exclusivity of Christ for salvation).

We can be tempted to soften God’s word so that we don’t experience conflict with society, but we know God is offended when people miscommunicate him, and we want to honour him in every way.

But we also know that God’s unchanging word in the Bible is actually the most wonderful message to an uncertain and rapidly-changing world… and we want it to be spoken loud and clear, so it can offer true hope in Christ Jesus.


(Image credit: John Lustig via Flickr)