United with Christ – Ephesians Talk Two: God’s Good Plan Ephesians 1:8-12 1-2 August 2020 – Jodie McNeill

What does success look like?

We need to know the ____ of our church.

God has revealed his ____ to us.

God’s plan is _________.

God _______ his good plan.

The plan is to bring everything under Christ’s ____.

The plan will be completed with the time is _____.

The plan starts with some _______ people.

The plan starts with the ____.

The Jews got the ___________ first.

Jewish Christians have ________ to Gentiles.

_______ Christians get all the Jewish Christian blessings.

Gentile Christians receive the ________ of God.

Our salvation is part of God’s Plan _.

We need to read the Bible as first for the ___.

Success is everyone _______ the good news of Jesus.