We are Heritage

The sixth and final value of our church says that, “we are heritage in our style, as we gather in our historical building in a contemporary context.”

In a sense, this final value is all about aesthetics—the look and feel of our facilities and image.

Since we gather in a building that is over 150 years old, we value the look and feel of the sandstone, the stained glass, and the traditional architecture.

We prefer a vintage and classical styling in our design and development, as we embrace the experience of gathering in a venue that enjoys continuity with many generations of Jamberoo residents.

In these unsettling, unprecedented times, our setting provides some comfort in its connection with the faith and the faithful of the past, who found their anchor in Christ.

At the same time, we recognise that a vibrant and contemporary Christian congregation must engage with the latest in technology and design in order to make the most of innovation within the rapidly-changing patterns of society.

So, whilst we have a vintage ‘vibe’, we choose to utilise modern technology and architecture in the way we connect and gather.

Yet the notion of heritage also acknowledges that our current congregation has inherited our buildings and properties from those who sacrificially provided the place in which we now meet together with Jesus, for the glory of his name.

We continue this legacy as we take our unchanging message to an ever-changing world, developing our heritage facilities for the next generation of believers.

We celebrate the history of faithful, Christian ministry in our buildings by committing above all to the faithful ministry of the word of God that takes priority over all, regardless of the aesthetic.