1 Kings – Power and Hope 15: The One and Only God! 1 Kings 18-19 Jodie McNeill – 5-6 June 2021

Farewell the smorgasbord

The different religions are not all ____

Nobody comes to the Father except by _____

We’ll see one of the great spiritual _______

Elijah _____ the Lord and travels to King Ahab

Elijah comes face-to-face with King ____

An ambassador can’t ______ the message

Ahab submits to the _______ of Elijah

You can’t follow both: you’ve got to make a ______

Elijah gives the crowd a _________

Nothing but deafening _______ from Baal

The prophets of Baal were sincerely _____

Elijah prays a powerful ______

Yahweh, the Lord, is the ______!

God’s judgement is ____, and it’s coming

The drought was over and King Ahab had ________

Elijah was ______ and fled for his life

The original promise was still ____