1 Kings – Power and Hope 16: The Failure of Politics 1 Kings 20-21 Jodie McNeill – 12-13 June 2021

Bullies and bad leaders

We will see big _______ doing big bullying

The bully north of the border __________ Israel

King Ahab _________ to the bully

King Ahab shows ____ amidst hopelessness

The ____ is on the side of Israel

King Ahab ______ the word of the Lord

Bully Ben-hadad is __________

They misunderstood the ________ of the Lord

The Lord has won and the bully is ________

The Lord won, but Ahab _______ him

The Lord’s king needs to ______ to the Lord

Naboth wanted to ____ the Lord, not the king

Jezebel doesn’t ____ for the word of the Lord

Judgement comes from the Lord to ____

Ahab and Jezebel were the epitome of ____

God’s mercy is totally __________