Saturday 4pm update about church this weekend

[UPDATED 4pm Saturday 26th June]

Well, we’ve all just heard that Greater Sydney has gone into lockdown. Our church is not in Greater Sydney, but we’re now affected in many ways, nonetheless.

Even though the new rules don’t start until 6pm, the Wardens and I have decided that we’ll run church tonight as though the new rules are in place, but we’ve cancelled dinner for tonight only (God willing).

So, for our services for this weekend, we will now have a cap of 34 people in the church building, not counting the people who are involved in the service (up front, tech, etc.). We can only have 41 people in the hall.

We are not allowed to sing, and all people must wear a mask unless they’re speaking from the microphone.

But, as we speak, Graham, Brad and a bunch of awesome volunteers are heading up to the church to do the livestream thing. So, head to Facebook Live to watch, or go to to plug into Vimeo.

Remember, that if you’ve been into Greater Sydney (i.e. north of Albion Park Rail or Windang) since Monday morning, then you may need to stay at home…  but you’ll still be able to join us, online, of course.

Let’s pray for our Premier and her team, who are working hard to protect us at these difficult times. We seek to obey our Lord as we willingly submit to the authorities he’s placed over us (Romans 13:1) who are “God’s servants, sent for our good” (vs4).

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28).

Grace and peace, Jodie.