Church is in-person and online

If you’re able to attend church this weekend in person, then we’d love to welcome you face-to-face at 5pm Saturday or 9am Sunday.

Our philosophy since the start of the pandemic has been to be as normal and as open as possible, whilst obeying the rules and guidelines of our leaders and authorities.

So, we’re going to run normal church services this weekend, which will include dinner on Saturday night and morning tea on Sunday.

In line with the current restrictions, we’re able to welcome 34 people in our church building and 41 in the hall at any time, plus staff and volunteers.

However, at this time we’re not able to sing, and everyone must wear a mask indoors at all times (unless you’re speaking from the lectern or you’re a child under 12).

Plus, if you’re subject to stay-at-home orders, then attending church is not a reasonable excuse to leave home, so please join us only online at or head to our Facebook page.

If you’re rostered on as a volunteer for a church service, then you are considered to be a worker at a place of work, so you may attend to volunteer even if you are under stay-at-home orders, provided you are not in quarantine (due to being a close or casual contact) or in isolation (due to poor health or awaiting pathology results).

As always, please ensure you scan the QR code and check in and out from our venue with the Service NSW app.

In an email I received from the Archbishop this week, he signed off saying, “God is good – all the time. He will build his church. Nothing takes him by surprise!”

I reckon that’s a great encouragement to us all, especially as we live in these challenging times.

Grace and peace, Jodie.