My Dwelling Place – Psalm 91 – 10-11 July 2021 – Jodie McNeill

“We are facing the biggest challenge”

Are you afraid?

When you’re afraid, come to God’s ____

The Lord ____ them Psalm 91

A powerful word of ____

Is this just a feel-good word of ________?

Is it because people don’t have enough _____?

In Jesus’ time, sin didn’t lead to _________

The main message of the pandemic is ‘______’

Things were _________ in Old Testament times

God no longer ________ people by plague

The Kingdom of God is _________ not physical

He’s blessed us in the heavenly realms in ______

Judgement and blessings will be seen on the _____ day

We receive all the promised blessings in ______

We must have Heaven as our ____

We receive safety and blessings by ________ in Christ

We are safe under the _____ of Jesus

Even though we live in a pandemic, we need not ____

Judgement Day is coming, and ____ will end

Shelter is our ________ home

Angels help and _______ us

We find refuge in Christ, in Heaven, our ______

‘My Dwelling Place’