Australian Anglicans Ahead

On Monday night our church at Jamberoo was privileged to host a special online event for Gafcon Australia, at which the Chairman outlined the new way that Australian Anglican churches can be supported when they wish to keep to the faithful teaching of the Bible, even if their bishop wants otherwise.

This is not a problem that we face in our Sydney Diocese because we are blessed to have bishops and other leaders who love to listen to and obey what God says in his Bible about all matters of life.

The way that it will work is that Gafcon (Global Anglican Futures Conference) will provide what’s called an ‘Extra-provincial Diocese’, which is another way of saying that these churches and ministers will be able to be remain Anglican churches that will sit under the leadership and authority of a Bishop who is not formally part of the Anglican Church of Australia.

This is a significant, and most-likely costly step for any church to take, although it is one that would only be taken in extreme situations.

For, our prayer is that the dioceses of the Anglican Church of Australia would be united in following the clear teaching of the Bible about how God wants his people in his church to live for his honour and glory.

Please pray for the board of Gafcon Australia as they work to provide the necessary infrastructure to support any new churches that will take advantage of this rescue plan.

Pray also that we might have unity in the truth of the gospel, so that together we might be able to proclaim Christ faithfully to the nations!