Messiah Masterclass 3 – ‘Preparing the Way’ – Matthew 3 – Jodie McNeill • 7 & 8 August 2021

What are you waiting for?

God’s people had been _______ for the Messiah

God’s people were hungry for God’s ____

John started _________ in the wilderness

John called people to ______

We all need to turn from our ____ to God

John told Israel to get _____

The Lord _______ was coming to his people

John is just like an Old Testament _______

The water __________ what God had already done

John _________ the hypocritical religious leaders

Ancestry doesn’t matter, but __________ does

If judgement’s coming, it’s ________ to be silent

The coming one will bring purifying ____

____ to Jesus, and don’t leave it too late!

The Jordan River is the gateway to the ________ Land

Jesus is baptised in order to _____ his father

God says that Jesus is his beloved ___

The moment we’ve been waiting for has ____

What are you waiting for?