Coming up this weekend 14th – 15th August 2021

This weekend Jodie will be preaching on Matthew chapter 4 on the topic, ‘Facing the Temptation’. We’ll explore what it meant for Jesus to be tempted, and we’ll see what we can learn from how he survived, and what that means for our own salvation.

Join us Saturday at 5pm and dinner afterwards, followed by our ‘Nightlife’ fun from 8pm. Or Sunday morning at 9am, followed by morning tea and hot espresso. We can’t wait to have you join us!

We are also hosting Basecamp on site at church this Saturday for the men. If you would like to join us in person or tune in from home then please visit our events page for details on how to register

If you have any questions, simply fill out a response slip during the service, email us at or send an SMS to 0439 890 086.

Here are the questions that Jodie plans to answer this week during church:

1 If the symbolism of going under in baptism is important, why do we allow sprinkling?
2 Why is there so much divorce in Ezra Chapter 10, and is it OK?
3 If God made everything, did he make sin?
4 How do you pray in the Holy Spirit?
5 Is it OK to read scriptural books that are not in the Bible, like the Apocrypha?
6 Are all the persons of the Trinity equal?
7 Does the Bible say anything about self harm and suicide?
8 What is the significance of ‘40’ in the Bible?
9 What did the leading of the Spirit look like in Matthew 4?
10 How are we lead by the Spirit today?
11 What form was the devil in when he tempted Jesus in Matthew 4?

Our kids’ ministry programs run at both services. We would love to teach your children, from babies to Year 6, and have them join our leaders in a time of fun and learning. The livestream will continue on the TV in the hall so if you need to stay with your child, you won’t miss out on church.

If you’re able to join us in person, please come along for our Covid-safe service, or if you can’t be with us in person, head to to participate in our livestream.