Messiah Masterclass 12 – ‘The Sign of the Servant’ – Matthew 12 – Jodie McNeill – 23 & 24 October 2021

We’re getting good at legalism

God’s _____ is at his heart

Serving the king mattered more than keeping the ___

The Pharisees didn’t know the _____ of God

The Pharisees wanted to charge Jesus with a _____

The law-lovers want to kill the author of ____

God has put his ______ in his Servant

Without Jesus there is no ____

Jesus rebukes their claim that he’s _______

Only the Spirit of ___ can win over the spirit of Satan

People reject the ______ when they reject Jesus

The unforgivable sin is permanently _________ Jesus

The window of opportunity is _______

The only sign will be the empty ____

This is the generation that ________ their Messiah

To join Jesus’ family, just do the ____ of God

Legalism kills, but grace _____