Messiah Masterclass 13 – ‘Parables of the Kingdom’ – Matthew 13 – Jodie McNeill – 30 & 31 October 2021

Inside joke

Parables were like ‘in _____’

Jesus didn’t tell this parable _____

Parables are stories that teach a special _____

Parables are not for _________

Jesus’ parables are told to Old Testament ______

Isaiah’s job was to ______ the hearts of God’s people

Jesus is finishing the job of _________ Israel’s hearts

The disciples get to know the _____ of the Kingdom

We need to _______ God’s word properly

Don’t let the highs and lows of life ____ you from Jesus

God’s kingdom will start small, but grow ____

Jesus brings the Messiah’s care to _____

Jesus is making _________ Day clear to his disciples

Do everything to be in the Kingdom of ______

We must value the Old and the New __________

Salvation is a ____ that none of us deserves