Messiah Masterclass 16 – ‘Building The Church’ – Matthew 16 – Jodie McNeill – 20 & 21 November 2021

Turning Points

We witness a turning point for Jesus _________

The Jewish leaders couldn’t read the _________ signs

The proof of Jesus is the empty ____

Beware of false ________

The turning point is at Caesarea ________

The most important thing is Jesus’ ________

The disciples recognise that Jesus is the _______

Peter knows Jesus’ ________ because God told him

Jesus promises to build his spiritual _________

_____ is the rock

The key to Heaven is the ______

What happens now will lock or unlock ________

Jesus told his disciples to ____ his identity

Satan uses a little rock to try and ____ over the big rock

Let go of your life and hold onto _____

This turning point offers everyone a _______ point