Messiah Masterclass 18 – ‘Humility and Forgiveness’ – Matthew 18 – Jodie McNeill – 4 and 5 December 2021

The problem of narcissism

We think too much about _________

It’s ugly to see the disciples argue about _________

Jesus tells them to aspire to be ______

Jesus is all about ______

All believers are ________

Leading a believer astray is _________

We need to take sin _________

Our heavenly Father is devoted to his ________

It’s loving to stop others from _______

Point out sin personally and _________

Expulsion is a last-resort to encourage __________

Jesus is with us as we declare ___________

It’s ______ to forgive someone

Just keep _________, over and over again

His debts were many, but the _____ was more

The merciful king became an _____ king

We know forgiveness and so must ____ forgiveness

Put ______________ first in our community