A Vision For Our Valley – Jodie McNeill – 29-30 January 2022 – 2 Corinthians 1-4

The need for vision

Orthodox, Anglican, missional, intergenerational, village and heritage.

Our goal shouldn’t be higher __________ at our church

“That each person in our village, valley and region knows how to follow Jesus and why it matters.”

Being a gospel speaker is ___________

Gospel preachers are ______ to Christ

Some will ____ our ministry and others will hate it

Our job is to do the _______, and the rest is up to God

We should never ____ up

We won’t _____ anyone or distort God’s word

The message is: ‘Jesus Christ is ____’

The empty tomb is our __________

God gets the _____ when we tell people how to follow Jesus

Each ______

In our village, valley and ______

Knows how to ______ Jesus

Why it _______

This vision should _______ our prayers and strategies

_____ Day – 17th April

Don’t give __!