Coming up this weekend 19-20th March 2022

This weekend we are going to be hearing from God’s word as Jodie McNeill preaches to us from Matthew Chapter 23 on ‘The Sorrow that Awaits ’.

After our 5pm Saturday service we’ll be having dinner, and after our 9am Sunday service we’ll be enjoying brunch together.

We’d love you to join us in-person if you’re able, or watch our livestream at

These are the questions that Jodie plans to answer this weekend during church:

1 Who does the man in the wrong wedding clothes refer to?
2 How should Romans 13:1 apply when church teaching or leadership goes bad?
3 If God plans everything, does he cause evil?
4 If God has decided who will be saved, then why do we ask people to choose to follow Jesus?
5 If God doesn’t want anyone to perish or be destroyed, then why do people reject him?
6 Were the floodwaters that God sent to Noah saltwater or fresh?
7 Why did we stop celebrating birthdays in church?

If you’d like to submit your own question to be answered in church next weekend, then simply hit ‘reply’ to this email.

We’re really looking forward to seeing you this weekend!