Messiah Masterclass 25 – ‘Living in the Last Days’ – Matthew 25 – Jodie McNeill – 2 & 3 April 2022

Fear of missing out

There’s nothing worse than missing out on ______

They are living in the last days before the first ______

Old Testament __________ are fulfilled at the cross

Jesus said the Son of Man would come in their ________

Jesus warns ______ not to reject him

Heaven is like a _______ banquet

Half of them were unprepared for the _____

The bridegroom _______ the unprepared bridesmaids

The master ________ his possessions with his servants

Their attitude to the money showed their ________ to the king

The return of the master brought great ___

The third servant didn’t honour and _______ the master

The coming of the Son of Man will bring a __________

They show love for Jesus by loving Jesus’ _________

Some people will miss out, big time