Coming up this weekend 2-3rd July 2022

This weekend we are going to be hearing from God’s word as Jacob Mierendorff preaches to us from 2 Peter Ch. 1.

After our 5pm Saturday service we’ll be having dinner, and after our 9am Sunday service we’ll be enjoying brunch together.

These are the questions we’re looking forward to Graham answering during the services:

1 Why do people have different last names if we all are descendants of Adam?
2 Shouldn’t all Christians forgive each other as it says in Colossians 3:12–15?
3 Why does Moses sometimes stretch out his hand and other times his staff?
4 If only certain people are chosen to be Christian, then why do we evangelise everyone?
5 What happens if a person submits to God but isn’t chosen?
6 If Jesus can resurrect Lazarus, why doesn’t he just resurrect us?

We’d love you to join us in-person if you’re able, or watch our livestream at

We’re really looking forward to seeing you this weekend!