Church news for the week beginning 10th September 2022


This weekend we will be hearing from God’s word as Brad Vidilini preaches to us from Colossians 2:6-15 on ‘Life in Christ’.


This Monday 12th September at 5pm at Sydney Synod we’ll be moving a motion to become a full parish…after 46 years! If you’d like to watch this event and enjoy a celebratory dinner afterwards), let Jodie know so we can book you a seat!


Please pray for Oscar, Elise, Brad and Liz as the three-week mission to Fiji begins on Wednesday with Year13.


This conference is designed to help grandparents be encouraged and inspired to invest in the lives of their grandchildren in ways that only grandparents can. Come along on Sat 17th Sep 9:00 am – 4:30 pm at Figtree Anglican Church. See Gemma Bartlett if you’re interested in going with her. Head to the events page on our website for more details and information on how to register.


Would you like to grow a deeper understanding of God’s word? Grahame Scarratt will be lecturing the Moore College ‘PTC Course’ here at our church. If you’re interested, let Jacob or Brad know.


Join us at 7am every day (except Sunday) at as we gather to read the Bible, pray, and encourage each other as the new day dawns.


‘The World Next Door: A short guide to the Christian Faith’ By Rory Shiner & Peter Orr. This book is our best shot at commending the Christian message to our friends and neighbours. It’s driven by the universal human instinct to increase the joy of finding a good thing by sharing it with others. We both think we’ve found a good thing‚ the best thing‚ in finding God through Jesus. We want to share it. The World Next Door invites you into a world where Jesus Christ reigns supreme and where lives are changed forever. We have physical copies available for purchase over in the church hall. However, if you wish to order your own copy online or read via Kindle, you can do that here.


Each week we need to receive $4800.00 in order to meet our commitments. Last month, our average weekly giving was $5164.00, leaving a gap of $-364.00. Up to the end of the last calendar month we needed to have received $228,000. Compared to that total we received $215,467, leaving a gap of $12,533.

Electronic giving is a great way to give! It helps us prayerfully plan our giving, and then the bank will help us keep that commitment, even when we may be unable to attend. To give by direct transfer then these are the NEW details. Account name: Jamberoo Anglican Church. Account number: 356831. BSB: 032605.

To give to our tax-deductible MTS Scholars Fund to support our apprentice youth minister, head to