Jude – Our Entrusted Faith – ‘2: Remember the Apostles’ – Jude 17-25 – Jodie McNeill • 24-25 September 2022

Cyber attack

We must ______ the faith

The ________ predicted the false teachers

People believe things because of their ________

We lovingly urge everyone to ______

The most serious divisions are about ___ and salvation

The false teachers have followed their _________

The true _____ really matters

They need to _____ up their faith

The need to ____ in the Holy Spirit

They need to ____ for the mercy of Jesus

As we wait, we’re ____ in God’s love

We show _____ to those with wavering faith

We need to ______ people with caution

It’s ultimately all about ___

We are _________ in his sight

God is the true and supreme _____

It’s a matter of _________ life and death