‘I Will Wait For You’ – Psalm 130 – Jodie McNeill • 1-2 October 2022

Feeling hopeless?

We’re more ________ than ever

We’ve shifted towards _____________

A radical ___________ to hopelessness

Come to Jesus to find true ____

They’re going up to ____ the Lord

The songwriter is in the depths of _______

He _____ out to his Lord

He asks the Lord to give him his _________

He cries out for _____

Sin is his biggest _______

He knows the Lord gives ___________

The death of Jesus is the greatest _________

When we’re sinking, we need a _______

Our true ________ is as a slave of Jesus

Now he _____ for the Lord

He focuses on the ____ of God

He eagerly awaits the coming of the ____

The Lord has unfailing ____

The Lord __________ redeems them

We need to put our ____ in the Lord Jesus

I will wait for You