1 Corinthians: A Loving Church – 2: Unity In Christ – 1 Corinthians 1:10-17 – Jodie McNeill • 22-23 October 2022

Disunity is Death

Paul wants them to live in _______

We must be _______ in the name of Jesus

The _____ matters

We pursue _____, even if it causes _________

Our divisions can be _________-based

We are to be ______ and united

They divided into different ________

They divided according to their ______

Their ___________ shaped their behaviour

Christ is ______, so we should be, too

Church is all about _____

There’s a valid reason to ______ a Christian leader

The most important thing is to ______ the Good News

Paul chose to avoid ______ speech

The _______ shapes the method

Our united church is a ____ from God

Equal and _________

Some issues do need to ______ a church

The truth about Jesus matters more than _____

Pray for wisdom and ____