Renewal in Rwanda

Next week’s Gafcon Conference in Kigali, Rwanda is shaping up to be a momentous occasion in the history of global Anglicanism, as we come together to prayerfully chart a renewed course for the church.

The five-day conference will include around 1300 people from over 50 nations, as we come together to prayerfully depend on the Holy Spirit as we gather to hear God’s word.

Each day will have a special time of repentance, as we gather to express our grief and remorse at how many within our church have wandered from God’s way and have departed from the truth of his word.

Some Anglicans leaders have chosen to bless ways of living that God has told us to reject, and this means that many parishioners and pastors have been forced to submit to bishops who have failed to accept the word of God in all its fulness.

That’s why we need to gather to ask forgiveness for our church, and to seek God’s wisdom about the future for Anglicanism, both globally and locally.

Mandy and I are humbled to be representing our church in Jamberoo, as we participate with the Australian contingent, and we pray that the Lord will give us opportunities to serve and encourage many others during the week.

Please pray for great wisdom for all the delegates as we seek to come to a common mind about the best form of the future leadership of the global Anglican church.

But above all, pray that this conference will lead us to glorify God by proclaiming Christ faithfully, so that everyone will hear God’s call to repent and believe in Jesus as Lord.

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