Questions 27/28 February
February 27, 2021

Questions 27/28 February

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1 Why did Bathsheba say, “may my Lord King David live forever!”, when he was about to die?
2 Why didn’t King Solomon show mercy to his brother-in-law?
3 Did God’s promises justify the murders by King Solomon when he first became king?
4 What do you think about capital punishment?
5 When someone says, “surely as the Lord lives” (1 Kings 2:24), do they think that God can die?
6 Why did Jesus tell people he healed not to share the news of their healing with others?
7 Was God happy for Solomon to have so many wives?
8 Is it right for a Christian to marry a non-Christian?
9 Is it wrong for Christians to read and believe in star signs?
10 Does a person need to have a true faith in God to possess godly wisdom?