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Satan and the Olympics

Last Friday night’s Olympic opening ceremony was quite unlike any other in history, which is no surprise given that it was performed in front of a stadium crowd of less than a thousand people, all of whom were wearing masks. It felt more like a funeral than a festival, with a greater focus on death […]

Australian Anglicans Ahead

On Monday night our church at Jamberoo was privileged to host a special online event for Gafcon Australia, at which the Chairman outlined the new way that Australian Anglican churches can be supported when they wish to keep to the faithful teaching of the Bible, even if their bishop wants otherwise. This is not a […]

Are you willing to wait?

Are you the kind of person who is happy to wait for downloads, or couriers, or public transport, or phone calls? In the instant-gratification world in which we live, we seek immediate results, and get frustrated when things don’t happen as fast as they can. And when we’re impatient, it can easily lead us to […]

Surprise Lockdown?

This second lockdown has taken many of us by surprise, especially after the optimistic steps in the past few months towards a return to some sort of normal. But now with as the press conferences from Gladys and Dr. Chant grow in intensity, it is clear that we’ll be needing to work out how to […]

Church is in-person and online

If you’re able to attend church this weekend in person, then we’d love to welcome you face-to-face at 5pm Saturday or 9am Sunday. Our philosophy since the start of the pandemic has been to be as normal and as open as possible, whilst obeying the rules and guidelines of our leaders and authorities. So, we’re […]