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Isn’t it time to come back to church?

Isn’t it time you came back to church? At 5pm this Saturday 21st May we’re hosting a FREE chops, chips and chocolate night at the church. Join us for a free BBQ meal, with salads, hot chips, and a chocolate fountain with marshmallows and fruit, followed by free espresso coffee. It’s a great contemporary church […]

Market Day

Join us this Saturday at our church for our annual Market Day! It starts at 9am in the morning, and we’re planning to end at midday (unless there’s still strong interest after that time). We’ve got lots in store, including plants, cakes, bric-a-brac, local produce, books. craft, coffee, tea & pikelets. We’ll also be enjoying a […]

Back to church week

“Why don’t you come back to church this week?” This is the question that we’re planning to ask hundreds of people this week as we connect with our village and valley in a big push to welcome people back into church. Some people will respond by saying, “I’ve never been to church before… so why should I come […]

From CHAOS to Refuge

For many years our church youth group has been known by the name ‘CHAOS’, which stands for ‘Christ Honoured and Others Served’. As a tagline or mission statement, it’s a terrific summary of what we want to happen in our youth group. The problem is that the idea of ‘chaos’ in the Bible is generally […]

Anglicare and ARV Better Together

The parliament of our church voted unanimously this week to merge Anglicare and Anglican Retirement Villages (ARV) to better meet the need for their services in the future. Archbishop Glenn Davies told a special synod called to consider a merger that the landscape of aged care in Australia has dramatically changed. “The future will see constraints placed on […]

We must never glorify death

As we come to Anzac Day, it’s impossible to avoid speaking of death. As we remember the heroism of those who served, we never forget the many who gave their lives to protect our way of life. Yet even as we honour their sacrifice, we must never glorify death. Death is our greatest enemy, no matter how much […]

Enough to make Jesus cry

It’s remarkable to think that the person who created the entire universe would weep in anguish at the state of his people. Yet, this is exactly what we saw of Jesus as he entered Jerusalem, as recorded in Luke chapter 19. Of all the people who should have embraced Jesus as Lord, they instead chose to […]

Church news for the week beginning 9th April 2016

Today’s Bible Talk Today we welcome Graham Errington who will be speaking to us on the topic, ‘Jesus in Pain’ from Luke 19:41-49 and Psalm 48:1-14. Mission of the month: BCA (Bush Church Aid) Bush Church Aid is our mission of the month. Throughout this month you can support this ministry by purchasing gifts from the ‘Mission […]

Are you paying too much tax?

This week a major leak of documents in Panama showed how much effort people can make to try and pay less tax. Whether it’s tax avoidance, tax evasion, or even downright money laundering, it’s clear that everyone involved in these schemes has been keen to reduce the amount of money they pay to the government so that […]

Church news for the week beginning 2nd April 2016

Guest Preacher Today we welcome a guest preacher, Grahame Scarratt, who is speaking on the topic of “Salvation in the Son” from Hebrews Chapter 1 verses 1 to 21. Mission of the month: BCA (Bush Church Aid) Bush Church Aid is our mission of the month. Throughout this month you can support this ministry by […]