Covid-19 Update

As New South Wales continues to introduce new restrictions, our church remains close at this stage.

We continue to livestream our services on Vimeo and Facebook every Saturday at 5 pm and Sunday at 9 am.

A Note About Vaccinations

This week our Archbishop sent an email about Covid-19 vaccinations to leaders of our diocese, which I seek to summarise here.

Firstly, we don’t think it is right to require anyone to be vaccinated in order to attend church, and our Archbishop has advised the government of this position.

Secondly, if certain people in our society must be vaccinated for special reasons, then this should only continue for a short time in order to avoid division and inequality.

Thirdly, whilst people have a right to avoid vaccination, we encourage everyone to be vaccinated so that they might reduce the risk of personal harm and the possibility of infecting others.

Fourthly, when the time comes, we will seek for our church to be safe for people to attend in person, whilst also enabling others to continue to join us online.

Finally, we pray and work against the mischief making of the evil one so that differences in opinion about vaccination do not cause division, anger or unkindness amongst us.

Let us continue to pray that we might rely on God during these difficult times, knowing his comfort in all our troubles, so that we can also comfort others with his love.

Grace and peace, Jodie.
Saturday 4th September, 2021

PS – this is my personal summary of the original long email, but I trust I have faithfully represented the Archbishop’s thoughts.