Messiah Masterclass 8 – ‘Who Is This Man?’ – Matthew 8 – Jodie McNeill • 11 and 12 September 2021

Super powers

Jesus had the super power of _______

With Jesus, the new light has ______

People with leprosy were ceremonially _______

Jesus healed the leper by ________ him

The law that excluded would now _______ to Jesus

The Roman officer knew that Jesus was his only ____

The Gentile had more faith than ______

A person can’t reject Jesus and be in ______

If you reject Jesus, you’re going to ____

The woman’s fever was _____

Jesus’ word has extraordinary _____

Jesus is the Servant of the ____

The ____ is home for Jesus

Following Jesus is important and ______

A fierce _____ hits the sleeping Jesus

The storm and the boat reminds us of _____

Jesus is ___

The gentile ______ call him ‘Son of God’

The sea was the place of ____

They were in God’s presence but ________ him

Jesus used his powers to heal and to ____

Who is this man…to you?

Messiah Masterclass 7 – ‘The Solid Rock’ – Matthew 7 – Jodie McNeill – 4 & 5 September 2021

Scam watch

Be careful when you follow an ______ preacher

If you’re led astray, the consequences are _______

Jesus wants us to judge but not be __________

Jesus wants his followers to avoid _________

Don’t teach the gospel to those who aggressively ______ it

To join God’s kingdom, you simply need to ___

The Old Testament is summed up in the ______ Rule

Following Jesus is supposed to be _________

Jesus says we need to be __________ of teachers

The _____ really does matter

Not all preachers actually ____ the Father

Jesus invites his hearers to ______ his teaching

Trusting Jesus gives you a _____ foundation for life

Jesus’ teaching was with real _________

There are ___ ways to live

Heavenly Father,

Sorry I’ve rejected your loving rule and have lived for myself.

Thank you that Jesus died to take the punishment I deserve.

Please help me to follow you now and into eternity.