Daniel – Who Rules Really? ‘The Writing on the Wall’ – Daniel 5 – Jodie McNeill – 4-5 June 2022

Long to reign over us

Many ______ live as though they rule, really

The king of ______ is the true and living God

King Belshazzar threw a huge _____

The king used the temple cups to praise _____

King Belshazzar is _________ by the writing on the wall

The experts were _______ at interpreting the message

Daniel is again brought into the king’s _______

Daniel knocks back the offer of __________

The _____ of the king came from the power of God

The new king proudly ______ the Lord of heaven

The arrogance of the king leads to _______ being served

Judgement day is ______, and arrogance will be punished

Our _________ deserves his judgement

If we ______ to Jesus, we will not get what we deserve

Glorious things of thee are spoken