1 Corinthians: A Loving Church – 8: True Apostleship – 1 Corinthians 4:1-13 – Jodie McNeill – 4 December 2022

What makes a successful leader?

They’ve been judging in a _______ way

The Apostles are lower _____

The Apostles are __________ to Jesus

God’s people need to keep the gospel ____

God is ________ to us

It’s the only _______ that gets us to God

Paul isn’t a people _______

The ultimate judge of leaders is the ____

It’s wrong to _____ leaders about unimportant things

God’s word says ________ in leaders is wrong

We mustn’t plagiarise ___

They’ve arrogantly moved on from the ________

A glorious ______ is like our humiliated Messiah

There’s nothing attractive about an apostle’s ______

Followers of Jesus don’t _________

To see the glory of the Apostles, look in the ______

Real church leaders are like _____

1 Corinthians: A Loving Church – 7: God the Builder – 1 Corinthians 3:10-23 – Jodie McNeill – 27 November 2022

The Great Australian Dream

We find our purpose in ________ things

There’s a building worth investing your ____ in

__________ are the building

_____ is now the temple

We are God’s ______ because Jesus is God’s temple

Paul laid the __________

Paul’s ability to build came from ___

The building must be done with great ____

Our materials need to stand the ____ of time

Paul is thinking of the test of _________ Day

There will be a ______ for the faithful builder

People will feel the pain of building _____ in God’s temple

The Christians are the very ______ of God

God’s building is ____

You’ll be held ___________

Your labour will not be in ____

The Corinthians just cared about __________

Quality building builds on the __________ of Jesus

Factions and infighting need to _________

They belong to ______ who belongs to God

Are you really ready to _____ God’s church?

Don’t waste your life

1 Corinthians: A Loving Church – 6: Warning Against Worldliness – 1 Corinthians 3:1-9 – Jodie McNeill – 20 November 2022

The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill

A thin line between evangelism and ____ promotion

We want our church to ____ for God’s glory

Paul treated them like they weren’t _________ Jesus

The _____ and the Spirit

Their big ____ were jealousy and quarrelling

They’re not acting in a ______ way

They’re following different leaders and ________

Paul’s just a ________

Unchristian __________ is sad and ugly

They just did the ___ that God gave them

God made the plants ____

It’s not all about ___

God will ______ us

Our hard work is not in ____

It’s all about ___

We want God’s field to grow, for his _____

We’re all part of God’s eternal _______