Coming up this weekend 14-15 September 2019

As the early church grew, it meant lots and lots of changes. One of the biggest changes was felt by the people who grew up Jewish, but now were bring brought together by God to share the one, spiritual family with all sorts of ‘Gentile’ people. Sounds confusing? Well, come along and join us this weekend to hear me speak from Acts 9:32-11:18 on the topic ‘A Clean Change for the Church’… and you’ll find out what that cryptic title really means!

I’m also going to answer your questions from last week on all sorts of interesting things, like:

1 How did Ananias know that Jesus appeared to Saul, since Jesus didn’t tell him?
2 If we met Jesus like Saul did then would we gain the authority to write Scripture?
3 Are modern healing miracles from God, and if so, why don’t we practice them?
4 Does God the Father love Jesus or people more?
5 How can we reconcile Genesis 1-11 with modern-day science?

So, be sure to join us on Saturday at 5pm for our relaxed, all-age service, with awesome kids’ program, followed by a hearty dinner and then youth group. Or come at 9am Sunday for a more classic-style Anglican service, with great espresso afterwards.

I’m really hoping you can make it… and bring along your friends, too!

Grace and peace, Jodie.