‘The Spirit of Christ’ 11: The Spirit of Power Acts 2:1-41 – Jodie McNeill 7th April 2024

Better than before

Pentecost was a _______ day for God’s people

The Holy Spirit led them to _____

It’s a gift to hear words in your own ________

Pentecost reversed the _____ of Babel

The hearers were _______

They’re not _____, they’re prophesying

Joel said that God would pour out his ______

God used signs and wonders to _______ his son

God _________ his sovereignty and our responsibility

_____ could not hold onto Jesus

Psalms are _________ about God’s king

The resurrection was a ____, supernatural event

The hearers had to _______

We all must ______ of our sins and turn to Christ

We long for _________ to know Jesus!

‘The Spirit of Christ’ 8: The Spirit of Hope – John 16:12-31- Jodie McNeill – 24th March 2024

Do not lose hope

God ______ in our pains

Jesus gives real ____

People want to see the ______

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of _____

The Holy Spirit is the ultimate __________

The Holy Spirit brings Jesus _____

The Spirit wants _____ to get the focus

The ‘little while’ is the time of his _____

We are people of the _____ Lord!

Pray to the Father in the ____ of the Son

We can ________ our Father confidently

The disciples will _______

Jesus’ resurrection gives _______

‘The Spirit of Christ’ – 7: The Spirit of Conviction – John 16:1-11 – Jodie McNeill – 17th March 2024

What are your convictions?

Everyone ______ for something

The Holy Spirit ________ the world

The world hated _____ and now hates us

Pastors prepare people for ___________

When Jesus left, they attacked his _________

Jesus’ followers were ______ ___ of synagogues

They were expelled then ______

They were ________ but didn’t know God

They didn’t ____ about where Jesus was going

They’re only sad because Jesus is _______

When the Spirit comes, he’ll _______ the world

The world will know the ___ of unbelief

The world will know they need _____________

The world will know that _________ is coming

Are you ready to see Jesus?