We believe Jesus is the most significant person in history and that life is all about him. That’s why he’s at the centre of everything we do as a church, and it’s why we’d love to help you discover who Jesus is.

Throughout history there have been many influential figures. But none have changed the world like Jesus.

No one has been more influential than him. No one in history has had the same kind of lasting and far-reaching impact as Jesus. For thousands of years people all across the globe have worshipped and followed him.

Now why is that?

Jesus is more than a wise figure. More than an influential teacher. Jesus is God himself! The one who brought everything into existence and the one for whom everything in the universe exists.

2000 years ago he came to earth, put on flesh, died on a cross, rose again three days later, so that we could know and enjoy God forever.

Jesus says this is “life to the full”, the good life. Life as it was meant to be.

Which is why the one question we all must be able to answer is, “Who is Jesus… really?” Because no one in history has changed the world like Jesus, and knowing Him will change your world for the better too.

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