“Baptisms” (sometimes referred to as “christenings”) of infants have been practised since the early days of the church’s history.

Are you interested in having your child baptised in our church?

Congratulations on the birth of your child and thank you for enquiring of Jamberoo Anglican Church about baptism. We hope that the information on this web page will assist you to prepare for baptism.

More than a building…

Church is more than a building – in fact, the building we call a church is really just a fancy rain shelter to enable the real church to meet in comfort.

There is an old saying used to help little children learn to spell church: “Church is no good unless U R in it”. The truth of that little saying is profound: The true church is the people of God gathered together, meeting to encourage each other and to learn more about living God’s way.

In other words, to be baptised in a church means to become a member of the people of God who meet in the building we call a church building and who live with the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour

…more than a naming ceremony

So having your child baptised in a church is more than a naming ceremony or a ritual to keep family and friends happy.

It’s a public declaration before God’s people and before God himself that you believe that Jesus died on the cross for you, that you live a life that accords with God’s rule and that you are promising before God and before his people that you will raise your little one to be the same.

To help you prepare for your child’s baptism and to raise him or her to know and love the Lord Jesus, we require that all parents seeking baptism for a child in Jamberoo Anglican Church attend a short course that explains the Christian faith.

This course is very straightforward and requires you to attend church with us for six Sundays prior to your child’s baptism and to meet briefly with the minister afterwards each week.

You may feel you know everything about the Christian faith but many ideas out there are not what the Bible says Christianity is all about.

There is no ‘exam’ to pass, but you are making promises before the living God. Can you do that honestly?

As an alternative, we can offer a thanksgiving/naming service which requires no preparation.

How much? Where to from here?

Baptism is a sacrament and so there is no charge for baptism.

The first step is to come to church on Sunday and speak to a minister.