July 20, 2020

Questions 20th June

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1. If Revelation 20 ends with the final judgement then why does it still talk about unbelievers in 21:8 after that event?

2. Why does the angel show John a city in Revelation 21:9-10 when he told John he was going to show him the bride?

3. Who are the ‘nations’ in Revelation 21:24 and if they already follow Christ, then why aren’t they already in the city?

4. What does it mean in Revelation 21:26 for the nations to bring their ‘glory and honour’ into the city of God?

5. If evil is done and dusted, then why does Revelation 21:27 say that the murderers are outside the city?

6. What is the meaning and significance of the leaves in Revelation 22:2 that bring healing to the nations?