March 30, 2019

Questions 30 Mar 2019

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1. Given that Baal is the moon god, does this mean that Allah is a reincarnation of Baal because Islam’s symbol is a crescent moon?
2. Since Jesus will reject some people who say “Lord, Lord” (Matthew 7), then why will a person be saved simply by confessing Jesus is Lord (Romans 10)?
3. What does it mean in Song of Songs when it says, “the watchmen made their rounds”?
4. Is marriage a human ‘right’?
5. Does the Bible talk about whether it’s right to marry a non-Christian?
6. How do new-age feminists’ values line up with Christian values?
7. How should we discuss the topic of sex with non-Christian friends who are sexually-active and unmarried?
8. When you say that a “survivor should seek counselling”, who are you referring to?
9. How can I recover from the trauma of sexual abuse when I feel like I’m not good enough for God to heal me?
10. If someone likes tattoos but not hymns, doesn’t this disprove your theory about the modern attraction to ancient forms of worship?
11. Why don’t our services include a reading from the New Testament every week?