Coming up this weekend 24th – 25th September 2016

This weekend Graham Errington will be speaking on the topic “Blessed are your eyes” from Luke chapter 10 verses 17 to 24.

During our services we will be hearing an update about MTS (Ministry Training Strategy).

Our 8am Sunday service will be a Holy Communion Second Order AAPB service.

If you’re wanting to check out our church we’d really love you to visit us on Saturday at 5pm for a contemporary service with kids’ program and dinner afterwards, or come along on Sunday at 8am for a Prayer Book service.

During our service, we’ll have our weekly question and answer time, and our Senior Minister Jodie will be answering these questions:

  1. Why does the Matthew genealogy mention Joseph’s name when you said it was referring to the family history of Mary?
  2. Why was Jesus conceived by God the Holy Spirit instead of God the Father?
  3. How did the Greek Orthodox church stray so far from Biblical Christianity?
  4. Could animals talk before The Fall?

If you can’t make it in person, you’re welcome to jump online to watch the service (with the same sermon and many other items) at