Coming up this weekend 14th – 15th January 2017

This weekend we welcome the new Assistant Minister from Oak Flats, Simon Chaplin, who begins his four week series ‘Christ in the Psalms’ with the first talk titled ‘Sin and folly’ from Psalm 14.

Our 8am Sunday service will be a Morning Prayer Sunday service and at both our services, we will have a special update about Anglicare which is our Mission of the Month.

During our service, we’ll have our weekly question and answer time, and Jodie will be answering these questions:

  1. Where did the demons go after Jesus drove them out?
  2. Does the modern Christian church still practice exorcism?
  3. What are ghosts, and could they be demons of trapped human souls?

If you’re wanting to check out our church we’d really love you to visit us on Saturday at 5pm for a contemporary service with kids’ program and dinner afterwards, or come along on Sunday at 8am for a Prayer Book service.