Coming up this weekend 28th – 29th January 2017

This weekend Simon continues our ‘Christ in the Psalms’ series, with the next talk titled ‘Life in between’ from Psalm 39.

We’re also launching our ministries for the year ahead, from youth and kids through to adults and seniors. We’d love you to join us to hear about the plans and to pray for the future.

Our 8am Sunday service will be the Lord’s Supper Sunday Service.

During our service, we’ll have our weekly question and answer time, and Simon will be answering these questions:

  1. Is all ‘worldly’ wisdom wrong, and if so, how should we engage with it?
  2. If it’s wise to despise a vile person, then was Bonhoeffer right to want to kill Hitler?
  3. In what way can money ‘buy’ people?
  4. If gambling is bad, then why did God give the Urim and Thummim to help his people make decisions?

If you’re wanting to check out our church we’d really love you to visit us on Saturday at 5pm for a contemporary service with kids’ program and dinner afterwards, or come along on Sunday at 8am for a prayerbook service.

If you can’t make it in person, you’re welcome to jump online to watch the service (with the same sermon and many other items) at